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Evolving your business with paid consultations

Drive digital transformation efforts with an experienced insider that brings a hybridized approach to digital strategy. Schedule an introductory call now!


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Brittany Batz is an experienced industry leader with over 10 years of agriculture and technology expertise, specializing in digitization and process improvement. A strategic thinker with a track record of driving operational efficiencies and enhancing productivity through the implementation of digital solutions. She has a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams, develop innovative solutions, and power successful outcomes for clients in the agriculture industry. 

Various options to fit your business' needs

Whether a single-hour call to review market knowledge or a full product discovery and implementation, our options will fit just right.


Would you like a partner to carry an already defined initiative through the finish line? Or someone to get in and get their hands dirty to find the right solution for your business? Let's talk about project-based work.


Is your organization looking into establishing a new product line? An advisor for a new team? Or need an experienced set of hands to put the finishing touches on a recommendation, pitch or presentation? Let's talk about hourly based work.


Let your imagination run wild! Are there other opportunities to collaborate where my expertise could help catapult you or your business to the next level? Let's talk about custom offerings.